City Car Driving

Published free of charge to play a fun car driving game on your mobile devices, City Car Driving stands out with its remarkable features. City Car Driving is a fun, enjoyable and colorful option in all aspects. It is based on driving in the city and collecting points, avoiding an accident and speeding up.


Game How to Play?


City CarDriving allows you to choose the car that does not enter the game. Moreover, you can adjust the color of your car as you like. Red, blue, green, yellow or many different colors await you. After preparing your car in your garage, you can shoot yourself on the roads of the city. The gas and brake pedals you see at the bottom right of the screen will help you with speed. For direction, you will see your steering wheel business in the bottom left. Thus, you can play the game even if you can enjoy a 3D car. You can reach your goals by moving fast in the city in this car driving simulation, which is easy to control, and also requires careful attention.


What Needs Attention?


When driving in the city, you can go to the red areas by following the arrow keys and collecting points. In this way you can show more wasted moves with your car, and you can improve yourself by earning points.


Points earned are marked in red. As you can quickly pass through here, you can pass slowly. You should not hit cars as well as all the cars from the left and right. If you do an accident, your damage record will increase in the "damage" indicator on the upper left.

In terms of speed, the "speed" indicator can be viewed in general terms as follows;

General Information

- Car color options vary

- Damage record, speed indicator, score sign

- Direction control with steering wheel, speed control with pedals

- Arrows indicate direction

- Red areas are points of points to win

- Any car can come out everywhere at any moment, you have to avoid the crashes


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